Introducing the Rover Rewards Program for our Loyal Clients

Dear VAH Loyalty Rewards Member: 

  Our new Loyalty Rewards program will be called Rover Rewards.   You will earn 2 points for every dollar spent, and those points may be redeemed for discounts on products and services, donations to specific rescue groups, one free night of boarding, baths, free nail trims and more.

    There will be NO ANNUAL FEE!  This program is now FREE!  

    You will continue to earn rewards points on veterinary services, including exams, vaccines, surgeries, lab work, x-rays and ultrasound.

   Points are redeemable for purchasing any product, good or service that is located within the clinic. (In other words, online pharmacy and online food sales have been excluded and will continue to be excluded.)

      What else is New?  You will earn Points when you refer a new client to us.  There are going to be many more ways to redeem those Points than with the previous system.

    Your Points will expire if you haven’t used them within fourteen months. (We’ve extended that by two months— points used to expire after one year.)

    A new App (PetDesk) will be used to track your points. It also has abunch of other cool features such as giving you the ability to:

  • Request an Appointment

  • Confirm an Appointment

  • View what Vaccines/Test are Due

  • Refill medication

    Over the next few weeks, we will be converting your existing Rewards Points over to the Rover Rewards Program. 

    We think you’re going to LOVE the new system for booking and confirming appointments, being reminded of upcoming vaccines, exam and tests, as well as the ease of refilling medication with the PetDesk app!

    Thank you for being a loyal client of VAH!


            The Doctors & Staff!