Valley Animal Hospital's vaccine prices beat the "Low Cost Clinics" again!!

Below are the latest published prices of the "low cost parking lot" vaccine clinic's individual vaccines compared to Valley Animal Hospital's prices--

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As your neighborhood veterinary clinic, we really want a lifelong relationship with you and your pets!
— Dr. Klingborg

     Now, we want to be totally straightforward-- our vaccines are a lot less expensive than those other guys,  but we do charge a $48 exam fee each time we see your pet for vaccines. 

Why do the Doctors at VAH insist on examining your pet? Because there's more to puppy and kitten health than just 'getting their shots.'  

Vaccines are important, but so is flea and intestinal worm treatment, heartworm control, checking your pet's weight to make certain he's growing properly, discussing your pet's nutrition and hair coat quality, working through issues with house training or chewing or biting, and maintaining a medical record of your pet's overall health, growth and more!  How much of that information do you get standing in line at a parking lot clinic?  None!

Your pet is going to be a member of the family for many years, and deserves the high quality and affordable health care that we are happy to provide.

Besides, if your pet has a problem after that traveling clinic has packed up the van and driven away-- who are you going to call?  Us!! And we'll be here!

Valley Animal Hospital of Merced has amazing prices on Puppy Vaccine Packages and Kitten Vaccine Packages-- with huge discounts on our vaccine services that include all of the necessary vaccines + worming medication + heart worm control + microchip + fecal exam and more---> and it's all included in the packages!!

Call us at 209.384.PETS for more information or to schedule an appointment.

What's Included in a Spay or Neuter surgery at Valley Animal Hospital of Merced?

At Valley Animal Hospital of Merced, our Spays & Neuters include:

1) Physical Exam before Surgery 

2) Pre-Surgery Blood Work to check for signs of hidden diseases, anemia or other problems that might increase the risk of surgery.  

3) Pain medication is given before we've even started surgery!  Studies have shown that going a dose of pain medication prior to surgery reduced the overall post-surgery pain that an animal feels.  

4) A surgery nurse monitors every patient with a Pulse Oximeter (blood oxygen concentration and heart rate.)

5) Pain medication is given during surgery while your pet is still asleep.  

6) The fee includes the surgery which is performed by the Doctor (of course!)

7) Pain medication after surgery.  For dogs, this is usually three days of a once or twice a day pill.  For cats, we usually give a long acting pain injection that lasts for 3 days.  

8) Pets go home the same day as the surgery. No overnight stays needed because pets recover more quickly in their own homes.  

9) We use all "absorbable" sutures that will dissolve away on their own. You and your pet won't be inconvenienced by another trip to the vet just to get the stitches out.  

10) Spay and Neuter surgeries qualify for our Loyalty Rewards Program. If you enroll in the program, you'll earn 5% of the total cost toward you next visit!

For Dogs:  Our prices range from $150* to $195*-- it depends on the size and gender of your dog, because bigger dogs require more anesthesia and pain medication and a spay surgery (females) is more complicated than a neuter (for males.) 

For Cats: Our prices range from $105* to $140* depending on the gender of your cat.  

*There are additional fees for females that are pregnant, in heat or lactating (breast feeding).

*We will charge $15 -$20 for a flea treatment (that lasts 30 days) if your pet has numerous fleas-- because we don't want any of our patients to go home with fleas!


Please call if you need more information or to schedule your pet's surgery  

(209) 384-7387

Note:  Spay & Neuter surgeries provided through discounted programs such as New Beginnings for Animals or  Merced County SNAP program do not include blood work or post-operative pain medication. However, you may purchase these services for a small fee! Discounted Spay/Neuter and other procedures performed during a discounted spay/neuter do not qualify for our Loyalty Rewards Program.


More Facts about Spay and Neuter
The Spay and Neuter services provided by Valley Animal Hospital of Merced are permanent birth control against unwanted litters of puppies and kittens. 

Spaying: Ovariohysterectomy of females: Did you know that statistically  25% of female dogs will develop malignant breast cancer if they aren't spayed?

The research is clear--- dogs that are spayed or neutered are less likely to develop cancer, run away & get lost, or have behavior problems.  

Animal birth control is a plus in a nation where only 1 in 5 puppies or kittens are expected to find permanent homes – if you love your pet, have her spayed by 6 months of age or as soon as her planned breeding has completed.

Neutering, for male dogs and cats, has additional benefits as well, as it has been proven to prevent testicular cancer and infections or cancer of the prostate in males. If you have questions about our spay and neuter services, we would be happy to answer them for you and schedule a visit for your pet.

We cooperate with several local area Rescue groups and participate in the Merced County Animal Control sponsored Spay Program to provide reduced-fee spay and neuter surgeries for families of need.