Jon Klingborg, DVM  -- Practice Owner
Dr. K believes that Communication is the Key-- he loves talking to pet owners and discussing their pet's health in clear and straightforward language.  He tries hard to be the best veterinarian possible and is very dedicated to animals and pet owners of the Merced area.

Dr. K graduated from UC Davis in June 1992. He has been a member of the Valley Animal Hospital team since Halloween of 2003. Some of his accomplishments include:

Dr. K. is married to Kim, who is a fashion stylist, and he has two sons: Patrick, an Attorney, and Aaron, who has a Masters Degree in Soil Science. Their family pets includes Tasha, the lovable Rottweiler, Josette the Papillon, and "Kitty GwayPaws."  He has his own blog at

 If you really want to read more, check out his LinkedIn profile . . . and here are his Yelp reviews, if you're interested. 

Christine McFadden, DVM --  Practice Founder
Dr. McFadden has lived in and served our community since graduating from the University of California, Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine in 1982. She opened Valley Animal Hospital in 1985 and in 1999 she built our current, state-of-the-art hospital to offer the best medicine and surgery possible for our patients. She cares for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and all small “pocket pets” and exotics. She has cared for the Applegate Zoo animals for over 25 years. She has cared for the local police dogs in three counties since the Police Department and Sheriff’s Office Canine Programs inception in 1987. In addition, Dr. McFadden was a Board Certified Avian Specialist (ABVP-Avian) for 10 years and continues to take a special interest in parrots and other birds. Dr. McFadden is involved in a local college scholarship program at the University of California, Merced through the non-profit charity, The MSSM Friendship Scholarship Foundation ( in memory of and to honor her four children Melanie, Stanley, Stuart and Michelle. In addition, she has served the community through the Downtown Rotary Club, participates in multiple education & career day events and is a supporter of the University of California, Merced. Dr. McFadden is married to Gerald Corman and together they have twin daughters, four cats, a large Irish Wolfhound, a plethora of chickens, a gaggle of koi and, at Valley Animal Hospital, her 30 year old Blue & Gold Macaw “Forbes”. She loves gardening, baking, and all things French! 

For her work with children Dr. McFadden has been awarded: 

The Compassionate Angel Award from ChildHelp : “For giving children the opportunity through higher education to become a star in their chosen field” May 2007
Woman of The Year 2007, State of California Legislature, sponsor Senator Jeff Denham

Dr. McFadden has been a newspaper columnist, a public speaker, has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, and currently writes the blog “McMenagerie”.


Adam Lauppe, DVM
Dr. Adam Lauppe (pronounced “Loopy”) was born and raised in Merced, graduating from Golden Valley High School in 2004. He received his Bachelor’’s Degree in Biological Sciences from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, and followed that with his degree as a Doctor in Veterinary Medicine from UC Davis in 2013. After spending a year at a practice in Modesto, Dr. Lauppe comes full-circle to serve the community that he loves most. Dr. Lauppe’’s own pets include his two cats Steve and Weezy, who fight constantly and refuse to get along. He and his girlfriend Katie are currently looking to add a puppy to their family! Dr. Lauppe likes to spend his free weekends camping and hiking, and is occasionally known to play disc golf.



Practice Manager

Rebecca (Becky) A., Practice Manager
Becky has been a part of our team since 2007. She was originally a receptionist, and then became Reception Supervisor. Becky was the Reception Supervisor for several years, and has recently been promoted to Practice Manager. She is dedicated to her work at Valley Animal Hospital, and is excited to start this next chapter in her life. She oversees the clinic and even a bit of triage when an unexpected emergency/critical patient is rushed through the doors. She is grace under pressure. Added to this, Becky is bilingual, speaking fluent Spanish, a vital asset to fully serve our clientele.

Becky loves Minnie Mouse and all things Disneyland - so much that she got married there in September of 2013! She has been with Larry, her husband and best friend, for 12 years. She has two pets: Buttons, a black-and-white cat, and Number 2, a brown, friendly, and sociable tabby. Becky has picked up a love of running after running her first 10k in Disneyland. She enjoys doing the Run Disney races, and so far has finished two 5ks, three 10ks, two half marathons, and more runs are to come. Besides going to Disneyland, she also enjoys concerts and Oakland A''s games.


Jillian M., Pharmacy Coordinator
Jillian has been a part of our team since 2006. She enjoys helping clients care for their pets by dispensing medication and lots of love. She also works with clients to find affordable care plans for their pets (compiling estimates, Care Credit, Payment Banc). Outside of work, Jillian enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and her pets: Macchiato, a Cane Corso; Coco, a little Terrier; and Gemma, a terror of a Tabby cat! She has been Coordinator of the Valley Animal Hospital Relay for Life team for several years, raising thousands of dollars each time for human cancer patients and cancer research! Interesting facts about Jillian is that she is a lefty, and lives a gluten-free lifestyle. 


Melyssa D., Pharmacy Assistant
Melyssa began working at Valley Animal Hospital in 2014, with a bachelor’’s degree in English and a certificate in medical assisting. Her position involves making estimates and fee captures and filling medications. She enjoys the team she gets to work with and loves getting to meet all the cute little critters that come to the clinic. Melyssa has two adorable daughters. She also has a cute kitten named Fat Boy and two dogs named Bear and Molly May. In her spare time, she enjoys coaching and watching soccer.




Danielle T., Pharmacy Assistant
Danielle has been both a Receptionist and a Pharmacy Assistant. She is very fun-loving and organized!

Veterinary Nursing

Annalysa P., Surgery Nurse
Annie recently joined our team here at Valley Animal Hospital and is doing a great job assisting the doctors with exams and developing wonderful rapports with our clients! She graduated from Atwater High School, and attended Merced Junior College, studying Agriculture Business. Her hobbies include reading, playing volleyball, and riding quads. An interesting fact about Annie is that her grandparents came to the United States from Holland during World War II.

Jasmine Z., Exam Room Nurse
Jasmine joined our team in July of 2014 after attending Merced College. With a strong love for animals—especially dogs—she enjoys learning something new every day and being able to provide hands- on care for her patients. She has had many interesting experiences as an exam room nurse, although her most memorable experience was caring for a very sweet dog that was hit by a car and survived. One of her most noteworthy accomplishments was in 2011, when she won first place in Showmanship for her dairy heifer at the Merced Fair. Jasmine is the proud “pet mom” of an Australian Shepherd named Boo and a Dachshund named Zoey. When she’’s not working with pets at Valley Animal Hospital, she spends her leisure time running and with her family.



Monique R.,  Exam Room Nurse Monique is graduate of UC Merced, with a degree in human biology and minoring in psychology. She's planning on pursuing a career in veterinary medicine, due to her love and desire to help animals. Her passion for animals hasn't stopped at just dogs and cats, she's have traveled abroad to volunteer at an elephant sanctuary called the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand. She has two animals at home, a hedgehog named Daisy and a poodle mix named Pierre. She loves being a nurse for two reasons: seeing sick pets transform into healthy pets and gaining so much experience with a variety of different animals.

Courteney G., Exam Room Nurse
Courteney has joined the VAH team after running away from the circus!  We're proud to have her and she's absolutely "magic" with giraffes!





Katie G., Exam Room Nurse
Katie has a degree in Criminal Science, which makes her a natural in trying to figure out 'why good dogs do bad things.'


Katelyn, Exam Room Nurse
Katelyn recently graduated from the Veterinary Technician program at San Joaquin Valley College in Fresno.  She plans to become a Registered Veterinary Technician.  She has 3 Black Labradors that she's rescued (Bailey, Buzz and Rebel.)  She also has a cat named Alice.  Katelyn enjoys all of the wonderful & new experiences that VAH offers!  


Araceli M., Receptionist & Supervisor
Araceli has been a part of our team for 2007. She loves seeing clients happy when their pets start to feel better. Araceli lights up a room with her smile! She is bilingual, and assists with our countless bilingual patients with their pets. Interpreting medical terms is a little different from everyday conversation, and Araceli is one of the best at translating the crazy medical terms that the Doctors say. She owns a Minature Schnauzer named Yoyo and a French Bulldog named Jacques. Her family includes identical twin boys Adrian and Isaac and daughters Jocelyn & Aubrey. When she isn’t working, Araceli loves working out at the gym.

Briana G., Receptionist
Briana has been a receptionist at our hospital since June of 2014 She is currently a student at Merced Junior College. As a receptionist, she loves being around animals. Although we don’’t see them here at Valley Animal Hospital, monkeys are her favorite animal. She shares her home with her fur babies: Lacy, a boxer; and Gengi, a pug. In her spare time, she loves hiking, playing soccer, reading, and singing.



Sabrina G., Receptionist
Sabrina joined the Valley Animal Hospital team in April of 2014. She loves that her position allows her to meet new people and help them with their pets’ needs. She also loves working with animals. Sabrina is married to Anthony and has three daughters, Hailee, Lillie, and Kacie. She is also a proud “pet mom” of two dogs named Diamond and Harley and two cats named Bootzie and Fontasma. When she’’s not caring for pets at work, she enjoys spending time with her family.



Teresa L., Pet Boarding Attendant
Teresa started with Valley Animal Hospital in 2012 as an ROP student.  Teresa was such a go-getter that she was hired upon graduation. Teresa loves her job, but her favorite part is getting to love on all the pets. Teresa’’s personal pet is a Chihuahua named Brownie.

Cheyenne., Pet Boarding Attendant
Cheyenne started with Valley Animal Hospital in 2016. She also has her own Photography business has taken many of the staff photos for the website.

Gina., Pet Boarding Attendant
Gina has been a valued member of the VAH team since early 2016.