Valley Animal Hospital of Merced

Pet Lodging Prices

(These prices are correct as of January 1, 2017)


Canine Guests

    Indoor/Outdoor Run    $20/night

    Indoor Ward            $16/night

    Day Care            $ 9/day


Feline Guests

    Kitty Condo         $14/night

    Day Care            $ 9/day


Bird Guests

    VAH Cage            $15/night

    Own Cage            $13/night


Exotic Guests

    VAH Cage             $14/night

    Own Cage             $14/night


There is an additional fee of $4 for oral or topical medication to be administered.  


Insulin Dependent Diabetic patients will incur a “hospital lodging w/nurse care” fee. 

Lodging of Insulin Dependent Diabetic Patients


*Day care price is per day.

All other Lodging prices are per night.